Family Practice Notebook Updates 2022


Family Practice Notebook Updates 2022, FPN Updates 2022

  • Updates
  • December 2022
  1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (rheum, diffuse)
    1. Updated with 2019 ACR/EULAR diagnostic criteria
    2. Thanks to Komkwuan Paruchabutr for bringing the 2019 guidelines to my attention
  2. Relative Bradycardia (cv, ekg)
    1. Updated causes including Relative Bradycardia with Hypotension
  3. Shock Index (cv, exam)
    1. Updated, including added Diastolic Shock Index
  4. Massive Hemorrhage Protocol (hemeonc, pharm)
    1. Updates including to Hemorrhage Management
  5. FAST Exam (er, rad)
    1. Updates
  6. Modified Sgarbossa Criteria (cv, ekg)
    1. Updates
  7. Heart Transplant (cv, surgery)
    1. Updates regarding denervation, ekg, infection and rejection
  8. Transplantation (surgery, prevent)
    1. Updates related to Solid Organ Transplant, Transplant Rejection, Stem Cell Transplant
  9. Cholangitis (surgery, gi)
    1. Extensive updates
  10. Dexmedetomidine (surgery, pharm)
    1. Updates
  11. Biosimilars (id, pharm)
    1. Updates, including Adalimumab, which will now have up to 12 new Biosimilars in 2023
  12. Warfarin (hemeonc, pharm)
    1. Added specific indications where Warfarin is preferred over DOACs
  13. Hormone Replacement (gyn, pharm)
    1. Updates including Vaginal Estrogen
  14. Calcium Channel Blockers (cv, pharm)
    1. Updates to various drugs within class
  15. Musculoskeletal Injury (er, Trauma)
    1. Updates to specific nerve injuries (also updated Motor Exam and Sensory Exam)
  16. Burn Injury (er, environ)
    1. Updated fluid management
  17. Medication Route (pharm, medication)
    1. Added
  18. Drug Metabolism (pharm, medication)
    1. Extensive updates
  19. STONE Score (urology, exam)
    1. Added
  20. Ureterolithiasis (urology, renal)
    1. Updates
  21. Mesenteric Ischemia (surgery, gi)
    1. Extensive updates
  22. Tobacco Cessation (psych, cd)
    1. Updates
  23. Post-Covid Long-Term Effects (lung, id)
    1. Added
  24. Adult Immunization (id, immunize)
    1. Updates
  25. Sports Related Trauma (er, sports)
    1. Updates including Sideline Medical Evaluation
  26. Nocturnal Enuresis (urology, peds)
    1. Extensive updates
  27. Montreal Cognitive Assessment (neuro, exam)
    1. Added
  28. Edema (renal, edema)
    1. Updates
  29. Vasomotor Symptoms of Menopause (gyn, sx)
    1. TSEC added
  30. Hydrocortisone (endo, pharm)
    1. Updates
  31. SGLT Inhibitors (endo, pharm)
    1. Updates
  32. Tongue Laceration (ent, Tongue)
    1. Added
  33. Hospital Discharge Planning (geri, manage)
    1. Individualized discharge plans result in shorter hospital stays and lower readmission rates in older patients (over age 60 years)
  34. Transitions of Care (geri, prevent)
    1. Extensive updates regarding indications and options
    2. Also added Longterm Care definitions
  35. Monkey Pox (id, virus)
    1. Updates regarding STD related cases
  36. COPD Exacerbation (lung, copd)
    1. Doxycycline has fallen out of favor for Antibiotic Use in COPD Exacerbation due to lack of efficacy
    2. Thank you to Justin Chua, DNP for alerting me to this recommendation
  37. Ibuprofen (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. Ibuprofen Analgesic ceiling is 400 mg
    2. Doses 600 mg and 800 mg offer little additional Analgesic benefit above the 400 mg dose
  38. Hypopigmentation (derm, exam)
    1. Updated
  39. Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (ortho, peds)
    1. Updated
  40. Verquvo (cv, pharm)
    1. Added
  41. Procalcitonin (hemeonc, lab)
    1. May allow shortening of antibiotic course in Sepsis and respiratory infections without adversely affecting outcomes
  42. Knee Osteoarthritis Management (rheum, Osteoarthritis)
    1. Triamcinolone 40 mg gluteal IM had equivalent efficacy compared with intraarticular injection at 8 and 24 weeks
    2. However, intraarticular injection was superior to IM at 4 weeks
  43. Osteoporosis Management (rheum, bone)
    1. Updates
  44. Sepsis (id, fever)
    1. Updates
  45. Pharmacology (pharm, medications)
    1. Added with definitions and mechanisms
    2. Also added an entry on Drug Metabolism
  • Updates
  • November 2022
  1. Vegetarian Diet (pharm, nutrition)
    1. Added Vegetarian Diet with extensive review
  2. Nutrition Guidelines (pharm, nutrition)
    1. Extensive Updates
  3. Calciphylaxis (renal, derm)
    1. Added with extensive review
  4. Percutaneous Nephrostomy (urology, surgery)
    1. Added
  5. Chest Pain Plus (cv, sx)
    1. Added DDX and addressed in STEMI presentations
  6. Moyamoya Disease (cv, vessel)
    1. Added
  7. Neurocritical Intubation (er, neuro)
    1. Updates, including adding the term
  8. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (neuro, motor)
    1. Extensive updates
  9. Endometriosis (gyn, Uterus)
    1. Extensive updates
  10. Placental Abruption (ob, antepartum)
    1. Updated with CT for high mechanism Blunt Abdominal Trauma
    2. Reviewed specific findings and False Positives
  11. Sexually Transmitted Infection (id, std)
    1. Updates
  12. Sexual Assault (prevent, abuse)
    1. Extensive updates to the history, exam and specimen collection
  13. Acute Cholecystitis (surgery, gi)
    1. Updated regarding CT imaging
  14. Covid19 Bivalent Booster Vaccine (id, immunize)
    1. Added bivalent booster information
  15. Immunizations (id, immunize)
    1. Updates
  16. Monkeypox (id, virus)
    1. Added Tecovirimat dosing
  17. Continuous Glucose Monitor (endo, pharm)
    1. Updates
  18. Sulfa Allergy (id, pharm)
    1. Updates
  19. NSAID Renal Adverse Effects (pharm, renal)
    1. Updates
  20. Blood Urea Nitrogen (renal, lab)
    1. Updates (thanks to Dr. Juan Fernandez for feedback)
  21. Polymyalgia Rheumatica (rheum, diffuse)
    1. Extensive updates, including to Giant Cell Arteritis
  22. Medications that Exacerbate Heart Failure (cv, pharm)
    1. Updates
  23. Psoriasis (derm, hyperplasia)
    1. Updates with a few newer, expensive medications
  24. Linear Dermatitis (derm, exam)
    1. Added
  25. Gastoparesis (gi, Stomach)
    1. Updates
  26. Bariatric Surgery (endo, surgery)
    1. Added image of surgery types
  27. Femur Traction Splint (ortho, procedure)
    1. Added
  28. Hip Dislocation (ortho, hip)
    1. Updates
  29. Orthostatic Hypotension (cv, exam)
    1. Updates
  30. Barrett Esophagus (gi, hemeonc)
    1. Updates
  31. Breast Cancer Gene Marker (gyn, lab)
    1. Updated BRCA screening indications as well as BRCA1 and BRCA2 specific risks
  32. Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (derm, gi)
    1. Updated with extensive review
  33. Schizophrenia (psych, Psychosis)
    1. Updates
  34. Tricyclic Antidepressant (psych, pharm)
    1. General updates as well as to Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline
  35. Spiritual Assessment (psych, exam)
    1. Added
  36. Emergency Medical Services (er, manage)
    1. Updates
  37. Dinitrophenol Poisoning (er, toxin)
    1. Added
  • Updates
  • October 2022
  1. Opioid Use Disorder (psych, cd)
    1. Updated, esp. related to Buprenorphine
  2. Alcoholic Ketoacidosis (psych, cd)
    1. Added
  3. Thrombocytopenia (hemeonc, Platelets)
    1. Extensive updates
  4. Geriatric Emergency Care (geri, prevent)
    1. Updates
  5. Tuberculosis (lung, Tb)
    1. Updates
  6. Bell's Palsy (neuro, cn)
    1. Updates regarding Bell's Palsy in Children
  7. Malaria (id, Parasite)
    1. Extensive updates
  8. Procalcitonin (id, lab)
    1. Updates
  9. Parenteral Iron (hemeonc, pharm)
    1. Updated regarding infection risk
  10. Clostridioides difficile (gi, Diarrhea)
    1. Updates to Fidaxomicin
  11. Cephalosporin (id, pharm)
    1. Updates
  12. Bursitis (ortho, sx)
    1. Updates
  13. Influenza Vaccine (id, Vaccine)
    1. Updates
  14. Monkeypox (id, virus)
    1. Updates
  15. Systolic Dysfunction (cv, chf)
    1. Updates regarding management in Chronic Kidney Disease
  16. Xerostomia (ent, sx)
    1. Updates
  17. Serotonin Syndrome (psych, pharm)
    1. Updates
  18. Hearing Aid (ent, pharm)
    1. Updates
  19. Functional Constipation (gi, Constipation)
    1. Updates
  20. Gastroprotection (gi, pud)
    1. Updates on oupatient GI prophylaxis indications
  21. Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (gyn, id)
    1. Updates regarding recurrent candida Vaginitis management
  22. Preterm Labor (ob, antepartum)
    1. Updates
  23. Gestational Diabetes (endo, ob)
    1. Updates
  24. Carbamazepine Poisoning (neuro, pharm)
    1. Added to Carbamazepine
  25. Ectopic Pregnancy (ob, antepartum)
    1. Updates
  26. Yawning (lung, sx)
    1. Added
  27. Community-Acquired Pneumonia (lung, Bacteria)
    1. Updates regarding IDSA 2019 guidelines for Sputum Culture and Blood Culture indications
  28. Eye Irrigation (eye, procedure)
    1. Updates
  29. Talus Fracture (ortho, ankle)
    1. Updates
  30. Depression in Older Adults (psych, geri)
    1. Updates
  31. Aspirin (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. Updated Aspirin indications regarding Cardiac Risk Management
  32. Erythema Nodosum (derm, rheum)
    1. Updates, esp. causes
  33. Rheumatoid Arthritis Remittive Agents (rheum, ra)
    1. Updates
  • Updates
  • September 2022
  1. Hepatitis B Vaccine (id, immunize)
    1. Universal Hepatitis B Vaccine is recommended for all adults under age 60 years
  2. Insect Bites (er, derm)
    1. Extensive updates
  3. Diverticulitis (gi, bowel)
    1. Extensive updates
  4. Clogged Feeding Tube (gi, procedure)
    1. Updates
  5. Tracheostomy (lung, procedure)
    1. Updates
  6. Status Asthmaticus (lung, Asthma)
    1. Updates
  7. In-Flight Medical Emergency (id, travel)
    1. Added inflight Vaginal Delivery guidance
  8. Venous Catheter Site Bleeding (er, procedure)
    1. Added Woggle Technique
  9. ST Elevation (cv, exam)
    1. Updated causes
  10. Takayasu Arteritis (rheum, cv)
    1. Updates
  11. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Pregnancy (er, ob)
    1. Added the ACLS Mnemonic ABCDEFG for differential diagnosis
  12. ST Elevation (cv, exam)
    1. Updates to diffuse ST Elevation
  13. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (er, exam)
    1. 2019 guideline updates
  14. Cervical Artery Dissection (neuro, cv)
    1. Updates
  15. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (surgery, cv)
    1. Updated
  16. Scrotal Mass (urology, sx)
    1. More updates
  17. Transcutaneous Pacing (cv, procedure)
    1. Added
  18. Multiple Sclerosis (neuro, demyelinating)
    1. Extensive Updates
  19. Neurologic Multimodal Prognostication After Cardiac Arrest (er, exam)
    1. Added to ROSC management
  20. Anxiety Disorder (psych, anxiety)
    1. Various updates to Anxiety Disorders, GAD, panic and their management
  21. Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (hemeonc, marrow)
    1. Added
  22. Iron Supplementation (hemeonc, pharm)
    1. Oral iron is as effective as Parenteral Iron in preventing Blood Transfusion and mortality
    2. Oral iron is preferred in those without significant malabsorption or other barriers to oral ingestion
  23. G6PD Deficiency (hemeonc, Hemolysis)
    1. Important updates to Medications in G6PD Deficiency
    2. Updates including class system, epidemiology, pathophysiology
  24. Laryngospasm on Induction (lung, procedure)
    1. Updates
  25. Statin Intolerance (cv, pharm)
    1. Updates
  26. SMART Asthma Management Protocol (lung, pharm)
    1. Updates to protocol
  27. Aloxi (gi, pharm)
    1. Corrected Aloxi dose (thanks to Deepa Chacko)
  28. LAST Reaction (surgery, pharm)
    1. Corrected dosing (after giving Intralipid for ED patient, post-dental procedure with Lidocaine neurotoxicity)
  29. Prolonged QT Interval due to Medication (cv, pharm)
    1. Updated
  30. Potassium Competitive Acid Blocker (gi, pharm)
    1. Added this new class (PCAB) with Vonoprazan (Takecab) - the prototype drug
    2. Potassium Competitive Acid Blocker (PCAB) blocks both active and resting proton pumps, with activity onset within hours regardless of timing with meals
    3. Contrast with Proton Pump Inhibitors, which block only active proton pumps, with full action delayed up to 7 days, and best taken 30 to 60 minutes before a meal
  31. Vaccination (id, immunize)
    1. For kindergarden entry, 94% of children are up to date on Vaccination in U.S. (79 to 98% depending on state)
    2. In the U.S., only 60% of teens were current on routine Vaccination pre-Covid19 in 2020 (trending down since then)
  32. Lyme Disease (id, vector)
    1. Updates
  33. Direct Oral Anticoagulant (hemeonc, pharm)
    1. Added precautions related to dosing
  34. Aphthous Ulcer (ent, mouth)
    1. Updates with additional treatment options
  35. Superficial Folliculitis (derm, hair)
    1. Updates
  36. Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device (cv, procedure)
    1. Reduces stroke risk when implanted after cardiac surgery for other reason
  37. Pediatric Fractures (ortho, peds)
    1. Ultrasound is accurate for upper extremity Fracture detection (except at the elbow)
  38. Lisfranc Fracture Dislocation (ortho, foot)
    1. Updates
  39. Myositis Ossificans (ortho, hip)
    1. Updates
  40. Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea (id, pharm)
    1. Probiotics reduce risk (NNT 13 to 20)
  41. Green Nail Syndrome (derm, nail)
    1. Updates
  42. Drug-induced Photosensitivity (derm, pharm)
    1. Updates
  43. Dexmedetomidine (surgery, pharm)
    1. Dexmedetomidine (Precedex) is now available in sublingual form
  44. Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation (gi, procedure)
    1. Updated
  45. Constipation Management (gi, Constipation)
    1. Updated protocols
  46. Triptan Overdose (neuro, pharm)
    1. Added info to Triptan page
  47. Dispelling Health Misinformation (manage, communication)
    1. Added the 3C approach
  48. Shared Decision Making (manage, communication)
    1. Extensive updates including NICE guidelines, numerical data best practices and three talk model
  49. Medical Cannabis (gi, pharm)
    1. Updates
  • Updates
  • August 2022
  1. Brainstem CVA (neuro, cv)
    1. Added various Brainstem Syndromes (thanks to Dr. Sourabh Jain)
  2. Intracerebral Hemorrhage (neuro, cv)
    1. Updates
  3. Spinal Epidural Abscess (ortho, id)
    1. Updates
  4. Drowning (sports, water)
    1. Extensive updates
  5. Active Female (sports, gyn)
    1. Updates including to RED-S (replaces Female Athlete Triad), Exercise in Pregnancy
  6. Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy (surgery, ob)
    1. Updates including imaging the RLQ
  7. Preeclampsia Prevention (cv, ob)
    1. Consistent Exercise initiated in early pregnancy reduces the risk of developing Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia
  8. Blood Type (hemeonc, lab)
    1. Updates to Blood Type, INR, Clotting Pathway, Perioperative Anticoagulation
  9. Retropharyngeal Abscess (ent, mouth)
    1. Updates
  10. Intranasal Analgesics in Children (pharm, peds)
    1. Updates
  11. Esophageal Rupture (gi, Esophagus)
    1. Updates
  12. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (gi, ibd)
    1. Updates
  13. Rectal Prolapse (gi, Rectum)
    1. Updated including reduction technique
  14. Low Back Pain (ortho, sx)
    1. Updates, including Low Back Pain Red Flags
  15. Patellar Fracture (ortho, knee)
    1. Updates
  16. Celiac Disease (gi, malabsorption)
    1. Updates
  17. Acute Pancreatitis (gi, Pancreas)
    1. Updates
  18. Acute Diarrhea (gi, Diarrhea)
    1. Updates
  19. Perirectal Abscess (gi, Rectum)
    1. Updates
  20. Pilonidal Abscess (gi, Rectum)
    1. Updates
  21. Urinalysis (urology, lab)
    1. Extensive updates to all components of the Urinalysis
  22. Alzeimers Disease (neuro, cognitive)
    1. PrecivityAD is a lab marketed for age 60 years old and older with Cognitive Impairment
    2. Combines 2 tests: ApoE Genotype and Abeta 42 to Abeta 20 ratio
    3. Generates a proprietary Amyloid Probability Score, estimating the likelihood for Alzheimers Disease
  23. Erythroderma (derm, hyperplasia)
    1. Updates
  24. Scrotal Swelling (urology, sx)
    1. Updates
  25. Infantile Hemangioma (derm, peds)
    1. Propranolol is FDA approved for age 5 weeks and older
    2. Well tolerated and very effective at facilitating Hemangioma involution when used in the first year of life
    3. Start in first months of life to prevent proliferation and continue for 6 months
    4. Dose: 1 mg/kg (max 2-3 mg/kg/dose) orally twice daily, given after feeding to prevent Hypoglycemia
  26. Depression Medical Management (psych, depress)
    1. Updates
  27. Covid19 (lung, id)
    1. Updates regarding Pxlovid including specific Drug Interactions
  28. Head Lice (derm, Parasite)
    1. Abametapir (Xeglyze) is another agent soon available to treat Head Lice
  29. pSOFA Score (id, fever)
    1. Added, thanks to Dr. Sourabh Jain
  30. APACHE Score (GI, Exam)
    1. Updated to link to APACHE 4 Calculator, thanks to Dr. Sourabh Jain
  31. Tirzeptatide (endo, pharm)
    1. Tirzeptatide (Mounjaro) is a GLP1-Agonist, but also a GIP Agonist
    2. In combination with Metformin, reduces Hemoglobin A1C up to 2.3%
    3. Weight loss in Diabetes Mellitus patients may approach 25 pound loss in 10 months
    4. Same adverse effects and risks as with GLP-1 Agonists
  32. Seborrheic Dermatitis (derm, dermatitis)
    1. Updates
  33. Collagen Supplement (pharm, alternative)
    1. Added
  34. Medical Precepting (manage, communication)
    1. Added
  35. Giapreza (cv, pharm)
    1. Updates
  36. Methotrexate Toxicity (rheum, pharm)
    1. Updates
  37. Social Media (prevent, computer)
    1. Updates, and a resource added to The Social Dilemma Movie
  38. Gastrointestinal Bleeding Management (gi, sx)
    1. Updated intubation management thanks to Dr. Sourabh Jain
  39. Cardiac CT Calcium Scoring (cv, rad)
    1. Updates
  40. Cachexia in Cancer (hemeonc, endo)
    1. Updates
  • Updates
  • July 2022
  1. Sodium Nitrite Poisoning (er, toxin)
    1. Added
  2. Unknown Ingestion (er, toxin)
    1. Updated with precautions regarding newer combinations used in online Suicide kits
  3. Cellulitis (derm, Bacteria)
    1. Updates, including Necrotizing Fasciitis, severe Cellulitis empiric regimen
  4. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (surgery, procedure)
    1. Added
  5. Community Acquired Pneumonia (lung, id)
    1. Extensive updates
  6. Monkeypox (id, virus)
    1. Added
  7. Clostridiodes difficile (gi, id)
    1. Updated antibiotic coverage
  8. Pneumococcal Vaccine (id, immunize)
    1. Another reminder that pneumococcal Vaccination has been simplified
    2. Prevnar 20 is sufficient alone in most adults with Pneumococcal Vaccine Indications
    3. Herd Immunity from Primary Series in children has markedly reduced invasive pneumococcus in elderly
  9. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome (cv, vessel)
    1. Updates to Superior Vena Cava Syndrome and to Generalized Edema Above the Diaphragm
  10. Splenic Rupture
    1. Spontaneous Splenic Rupture is seen in Infectious Mononucleosis (EBV) with Splenomegaly
    2. Spontaneous rupture accounts for 50% of Infectious Mononucleosis related Splenic Rupture cases
  11. Preoperative Examination in Children (surgery, exam)
    1. Added with extensive coverage
  12. Water Intoxication (renal, Sodium)
    1. Water Intoxication, beer potomania, Tea and Toast Syndrome share a similar mechanism for Hyponatremia
    2. Patient with excessive hypoosmolar fluid intake (free water, beer, tea) and low solute diet (low Sodium intake)
    3. Intake exceeds the renal capacity for free water excretion (50 to 100 meq/L or mOsm/L, specific gravity <1.003)
  13. Calcium Supplementation (renal, Calcium)
    1. Updated absorption
  14. Myasthenia Gravis (neuro, motor)
    1. Updates
  15. Cerebrovascular Accident (neuro, cv)
    1. Updates
  16. Finger Fracture (ortho, hand)
    1. Updates to Fractures including avulsion Fractures
  17. Finger Dislocation (ortho, hand)
    1. Updates
  18. Pelvic Fracture (ortho, hip)
    1. Updates
  19. Lumbar Surgery (ortho, surgery)
    1. Added
  20. Laceration Repair (surgery, derm)
    1. Scattered updates
  21. Regional Anesthesia (Surgery, Pharm)
    1. Multiple updates and revisions based on the excellent HQMedEd Regional Anesthesia course at HCMC
    2. Added 5 new diagrams for added blocks
  22. PENG Regional Anesthesia (Surgery, Pharm)
    1. Another method for Regional Anesthesia of the hip
  23. Axillary Nerve Block (Surgery, Pharm)
    1. Added
  24. Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block (Surgery, Pharm)
    1. Added
  25. Xylazine Toxicity (psych, cd)
    1. Adrenergic alpha-2 Agonist (similar to Clonidine, Dexmedetomidine) with central acting decrease in sympathetic tone
    2. Used as a Sedative, Analgesic and centrally acting Muscle relaxant in veterinary medicine
    3. Street name, "Horse Tranquilizer", added to injection Drugs of Abuse (e.g. Fentanyl, Cocaine) to enhance euphoria
    4. Associated with Opioid Overdose deaths, and unresponsive to Naloxone
  26. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis (psych, cd)
    1. Capsaicin cream may work on vanilloid receptors in Hypothalamus (similar to the action of a hot shower)
    2. Apply 0.075% Capsaicin cream as a thin film every 4 hours until symptoms resolve
    3. Apply cream to 15 x 25 cm or palm sized area periumbilical area using a gloved finger
    4. Peak effect in 20-30 minutes and lasts 3 hours
  27. Premature Ejaculation (urology, sx)
    1. Added
  28. Emergency Contraception (gyn, pharm)
    1. Mirena IUD (Levonorgestrel-releasing) has similar efficacy to Copper-T IUD for EC
  29. Intrauterine Device (gyn, Contraception)
    1. Studies support longer duration for IUD use
    2. Copper T-380A (Paragard) IUD: 10 years (studies support 12 years of use)
    3. Mirena: 7 year Levonorgestrel IUD (originally labelled for 5 years)
  30. Depo Provera (gyn pharm)
    1. Self-administered Depo Provera Subcutaneous (SQ) dosing is off label but supported by CDC, WHO
  31. Aspirin (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. Falling out of favor in the primary prevention of lower risk patients without Myocardial Infarction or stroke (NNT 250 for first CV event)
    2. Benefits may not outweigh the risks of GI Bleeding, Hemorrhagic CVA (NNH 200)
  32. Insect Repellent (id, pharm)
    1. Updated
  33. Agitation in Dementia (neuro, cognitive)
    1. Updated
  34. PDE5 Inhibitor (urology, pharm)
    1. Blurred Vision or Vision Loss (Retinal Detachment, Optic Neuropathy), with higher risk in atherosclerosis
    2. Vision Loss can be permanent and appears to occur with all PDE5 Inhibitors
    3. Incidence may be as high as 16 in 10,000
  35. Orexin Antagonist (urology, pharm)
    1. Added Quviviq (Daridorexant), another expensive sleep aid
  36. D-Dimer Discriminatory Values in Pulmonary Embolism (hemeonc, lab)
    1. Added PEGeD protocol related discriminatory values
  37. DVT Prevention in Travelers (hemeonc, prevent)
    1. Updates
  38. Iritable Bowel Syndrome
    1. Ibsrela (Tenapanor) is another expensive agent for Constipation dominant iritable bowel syndrome
  39. Soft Tissue Mass
    1. Added
  40. Plantar Fibromatosis (ortho, foot)
    1. Updates
  41. Nodular Tenosynovitis (ortho, hemeonc)
    1. Added
  42. Liposarcoma (hemeonc, Sarcoma)
    1. Added
  43. Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (hemeonc, Sarcoma)
    1. Added
  44. Leiomyosarcoma (hemonc, Sarcoma)
    1. Added
  45. Rhabdomyosarcoma (hemeonc, Sarcoma)
    1. Updated
  46. Hypothyroidism (endo, Thyroid)
    1. TSH elevations are often transient in the elderly (often during non-Thyroid related acute conditions)
    2. Exercise caution when starting Thyroid Replacement in the elderly, and consider rechecking TSH after acute illness
    3. Thanks to Dr. Joe Weidner for the pearl
  • Updates
  • June 2022
  1. Pediatric Constipation (gi, peds)
    1. Extensive updates
  2. Acute Radiation Syndrome (er, toxin)
    1. Added a thorough review of Radiation Syndrome
  3. First Seizure Evaluation (neuro, Seizure)
    1. Extensive updates
  4. Pediatric CVA (neuro, cv)
    1. Expanded differential diagnosis
  5. Telangiectasia (derm, exam)
    1. Added extensive review
  6. Subtalar Dislocation (ortho, foot)
    1. Added this high energy, rare foot dislocation
  7. Prevention of Kidney Disease Progression (renal, prevent)
    1. Limiting Dietary Sodium intake (e.g. <2300 mg/day) lowers Blood Pressure and decreases albuminuria
  8. Postpartum Care (ob, postpartum)
    1. Reviewed Postpartum Hemorrhage, Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Cerebral Venous Thrombosis, Amniotic Fluid Embolism, Preeclampsia
  9. Sexually Transmitted Infection (id, std)
    1. Updates
  10. Mycoplasma Genitalium (id, std)
    1. Added
  11. Intimate Partner Violence (prevent, abuse)
    1. Updated
  12. Mycetoma (derm, id)
    1. Added
  13. Psoriasis (derm, hyperplasia)
    1. Updates to management
  14. Foreign Body Granuloma (surgery, derm)
    1. Added a brief summary of this complication of retained Skin Foreign Body
  15. Vasomotor Symptoms of Menopause (gyn, sx, endo)
    1. A few updates and corrections to SNRIs
  16. Deep Vein Thrombosis (hemeonc, cv)
    1. Created a deep vein image
  17. Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (hemeonc, cv)
    1. Review of topic, diagnosis, grading, management and prevention
  18. Tendinopathy (sports, ortho)
    1. Updated Peroneal Tendinopathy, Posterior Tibial Tendinopathy, Anterior Tibial Tendinopathy
    2. Added Ankle Anatomy diagram (Muscles and tendons)
  19. Joint Pain (rheum, sx)
    1. Added additional evaluation guidance
  20. Down Syndrome (neuro, Disability)
    1. Updates to the Health Maintenance of adults with Down Syndrome
  21. Insulin Pump (endo, pharm)
    1. Updates
  22. Metabolic Syndrome (endo, dm)
    1. Updates
  23. Type 2 Diabete Mellitus (endo, dm)
    1. Indications to add SGLT2 Inhibitor or GLP-1 Receptor Agonist (which are associated with lower mortality)
    2. Established cardiovascular disease or Chronic Kidney Disease (esp. SGLT Inhibitor)
    3. Four or more Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  24. Peanut Allergen Powder (ent, pharm)
    1. Updates
  25. Traveling with Medications (id, travel)
    1. Updates
  26. Decubitus Ulcer Prevention (surgery, derm)
    1. Updates
  27. Parkinson's Disease Management (neuro, Tremor)
    1. Updates
  28. Spinal Cord Injured Patient (prevent, hme)
    1. Regular Physical Activity improves aerobic capacity, balance and walking ability
    2. Improves Activities of Daily Living, global function, Major Depression and sleep quality
  29. Prevention of Ischemic Stroke (neuro, prevent)
    1. Updates
  30. Condom (gyn, Contraception)
    1. Updates
  31. Chest XRay (lung, rad)
    1. A few additions including spine sign
  32. Tobacco Cessation (psych, cd)
    1. Behavioral interventions are effective (with or without pharmacotherapy)
    2. Individual or group counseling
    3. Guaranteed financial incentives
    4. Text message-based counseling
  33. Hydrocarbon Ingestion (er, toxin)
    1. Expanded on Hydrocarbon definitions, examples, pathophysiology, evaluation and management
  34. Atrial Fibrillation Synchronized Cardioversion (cv, ekg)
    1. Electrical Cardioversion results in earlier discharge compared with chemical cardioversion for CHADS 0 to 1
  35. Thiazide Diuretic (cv, pharm)
    1. Chlorthalidone is more potent than Hctz (lowers SBP 10 mmHg more)
    2. Hctz immediate release only covers daytime Hypertension
  36. Lung Cancer (lung, hemeonc)
    1. Extensive updates to Lung Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Small Cell Lung Cancer
    2. Also updates to Lung Nodule (approach changed in 2017) and Lung Cancer screening (approach changed in 2021)
  37. Prostate Cancer Screening (urology, hemeonc)
    1. MyProstateScore (MPS) is two urinary biomarkers: Prostate CancerAntigen 3 (PCA3), TMPRSS2:ERG Gene Fusion
    2. Consider in patients referred for Prostate biopsy
    3. Cost of $760 is not covered by medicare or medicaid
  38. COPD Pulmonary Rehabilitation (lung, sports)
    1. Virtual Pulmonary Rehab or Telerehabilitation (phone call, phone app, computer, video conference)
    2. As effective as in-person rehab in reducing breathlessness and increasing walk distance in COPD
  39. Livedo Reticularis (rheum, exam)
    1. Added, with updates to Polyarteritis Nodosa and Takayasu Arteritis
  40. Lateral Canthotomy (eye, procedure)
    1. Updates
  41. Hypopyon (eye, exam)
    1. Expanded on differential diagnosis including Pseudohypopyon
    2. Also Added endogenous Bacterial endophthalmalitis
  42. Macular Degeneration
    1. VEGF Inhibitor Ocular Implant containing Ranibizumab (Susvimo) is inserted via a small incision in pars plana and Sclera
    2. Similar to VEGF Inhibitor Intravitreal Injections that require reservoir refill via needle only every 24 months
    3. As effective as intravitreal injection, but with Endophthalmitis risk (1.7%) is higher with implants than with injection (0.5%)
    4. Conjunctival Hemorrhage, hyperemia ad Iritis are common initial adverse effects in first month
  43. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (cv, Myocardium)
    1. Extensive updates to diagnosis, evaluation, management including specific guidelines in pregnancy, athletes, pilots, truck drivers
  44. Covid19 Monoclonal Antibody (lung, pharm)
    1. Bebtelovimab is a Monoclonal Antibody effective in omicron variants
  45. PreHevbrio (id, immunize)
    1. Three Antigen recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine indicated as a Hepatitis B Vaccine option in non-pregnant adults
    2. This Tri-Antigenic Vaccine Appears more immunogenic than other, single Antigen preparations
    3. However, associated with more local pain, as well as myalgias, Headache, Fatigue than with the other preparations
    4. As with most other Hepatiis B Vaccines, administer in 3 doses at 0, 1, and 6 months
  46. Ventricular Tachycardia (cv, ekg)
    1. Additional features that make Ventricular Tachycardia more likely than SVT with aberrancy
    2. Right bundle branch morphology of the QRS (RSR' or "rabbit ears")
    3. Fusion Beats (supraventricular and ventricular waves fuse to form an irregular QRS)
  47. Intravenous Contrast for Abdominopelvic CT (surgery, rad)
    1. Updates
  48. Low Back Pain Management (ortho, l-spine)
    1. Antispasmodics/Muscle relaxants once again show no benefit and increased adverse effects
  49. Hospital Support for Lactation (ob, Lactation)
    1. Infant Carrier may increase the rate of Breast Feeding at 6 months
  • Updates
  • May 2022
  1. Urethral Stricture (urology, Urethra)
    1. Added complete review including diagnosis and management
  2. Oral Lesion (dental, mucosa)
    1. Updated Aphthous Ulcer, Oral Candidiasis, Geographic Tongue, Hairy Tongue, Herpes Labialis, Leukoplakia, Torus Palatinus, Oral Lichen Planus
  3. Venous Thromboembolism (hemeonc, cv)
    1. Extensive updates with a focus on recurrent VTE management
    2. Added two decision rules: HERDOO2 Model and Orbit Bleeding Risk Score
    3. Also updated Breakthrough VTE
  4. Sleep Disorders (psych, sleep)
    1. Extensive updates
  5. Sexually Transmitted Infection (id, std)
    1. Extensive Updates to Sexually Transmitted Infection, especially regarding gonorrohea and Chlamydia
    2. Include pharyngeal and rectal GC, Ch testing when indicated
  6. Ulcerative Colitis (gi, ibd)
    1. Extensive updates
  7. Ivabradine (cv, pharm)
    1. CHF agent - updated Drug Interactions, adverse effects, contraindications
  8. Cascades of Care (manage, legal)
    1. Extra tests beget more tests
  9. Shingles Vaccine (id, immune)
    1. Shingrix is now recommended for Immunocompromised patients, age >19 years
  10. Alcoholic Hepatitis (gi, liver)
    1. Extensive updates
  11. Lung Abscess (lung, id)
    1. Extensive updates
  12. Near-Hanging (er, ent)
    1. Extensive Updates
  13. Myocarditis (cv, id)
    1. General updates to the diagnostic approach
  14. Nasal Fracture (ent, nose)
    1. Updates on imaging approach (skip the xray)
  15. Hepatitis B Vaccine (id, immune)
    1. Hepaitis B Vaccine is recommended for all unvaccinated adults ages 19 to 59 years
  16. Fever in the Returning Traveler (id, fever)
    1. Extensive updates
  17. Intraosseous Line (er, procedure)
    1. Added image for access sites
  18. Analgesic Overuse Headache (neuro, Headache)
    1. A few updates
  19. Monkshood Poisoning (er, toxin)
    1. Added
  20. Tetrahydrocannabinol (psych, cd)
    1. Delta-8 THC is a synthetic, chemically similar to THC (delta-9), but with risk of life threatening toxicity
  21. Myasthenia Gravis (neuro, motor)
    1. Updates
  22. Tick Borne Illness (er, derm)
    1. Updates
  23. Alpha Gal Reaction (ent, allergy)
    1. Added
  24. Powassan Encephalitis (neuro, id)
    1. Added
  25. Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness
    1. Added
  26. Gabapentin (neuro, pharm)
    1. Updates
  27. Agitated Delirium (psych, behavior)
    1. Updates
  28. Scaphoid Fracture (ortho, wrist)
    1. Short Arm Cast WITHOUT thumb appears as effective as Thumb Spica Cast, and with better hand function while casted
  29. Elbow Ossification Centers (ortho, anatomy)
    1. Added image for Elbow Ossification Centers (CRITOE Mnemonic)
  30. Homeopathy (pharm, alternative)
    1. Solutions so dilute, they may lack even a single molecule of "active" ingredient, but could have harmful contaminants
    2. Who knows? Not the consumer, and not the FDA or USP, since these are unregulated
  31. Peptic Ulcer (gi, pud)
    1. Glycopyrolate was originally used in the 1960s for Peptic Ulcers to reduce gastric secretions
    2. However, since that time, much more effective medications are available (e.g. H2 Blockers, Proton Pump Inhibitors)
    3. Yet, in 2022 Dartisla ODT was released at $500/90 tablets, a 10 fold markup over generic glycopyrolate
    4. Avoid glycopyrolate (including Dartisla ODT) in Peptic Ulcer Disease (we have much better. less expensive treatments)
  32. Fluoride Supplementation (pharm, mineral)
    1. Added dental varnish (had been included in Oral Health in Children)
  33. Delayed Antibiotic Prescription (pharm, id)
    1. Example: Acute Sinusitis <10 days of symptoms (to start if symptoms refractory to non-antibiotics at >10-14 days)
    2. Delayed Antibiotic Prescriptions result in decreased antibiotic use, without adverse outcomes
  34. Covid19 (lung, id)
    1. Added AAP Return to Play guidelines for child and teen athletes following Covid 19 infection
  35. Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (sports, exam)
    1. Added Electrocardiogram precautions
  36. Alcohol Intoxication (psych, cd)
    1. General updates
  37. Hepatitis B Serology (gi, lab)
    1. Added another Serology interpretation table
  38. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (hemeonc, marrow)
    1. Rare condition presenting in young children age<3 with atypical, refractory Seborrheic Dermatitis or Eczema
  39. Plenity (endo, pharm)
    1. Updated
  40. Mild Closed Head Injury (er, neuro)
    1. I-Stat TBI Plasma detects 2 markers of intracranial injury (UCH-L1, GFAP)
    2. May be used to risk stratify to Head CT Imaging in adults within 12 hours of Closed Head Injury with GCS 13 to 15
    3. CT Indicated if UCH-L1 > 327 pg/ml, or GFAP >22 22 pg/ml
    4. Test Sensitivity 97.6% for intracranial Head Injury and Negative Predictive Value 99.6%
  41. Bacterial Meningitis (neuro, id)
    1. Updated decision rules
  42. Alopecia Areata (derm, hair)
    1. Updated
  43. Zinc Deficiency (pharm, minerals)
    1. Updated Zinc Deficiency and Zinc
  44. Clinical Practice Guideline (manage, research)
    1. Updated with pitfalls, resources
  • Updates
  • April 2022
  1. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (ortho, L-spine)
    1. Extensive updates
  2. Pediatric Murmur (cv, exam, peds)
    1. Extensive updates to Heart Murmur, Systolic Murmur, Diastolic Murmur, Congenital Heart Disease and Pediatric Murmur
  3. Prevnar 20 (id, immunize)
    1. Pneumococcal Vaccine recommendations by CDC have changed every few years and are confusing
    2. Pneumococcal Vaccination is recommended for over age 65 years and those with risk factors
    3. As of 2022, Prevnar 20 ALONE replaces other Pneumococcal Vaccines
    4. If Prevnar 13 or Vaxneuvance are used for conjugate Vaccine, then also give Pneumovax 23 (at interval)
  4. Telemedicine Diabetes Mellitus Evaluation (endo, exam, dm)
    1. Provider and nurse diabetes Telemedicine visits improve outcomes and glycemic control (esp. Type 2 Diabetes)
    2. Remote Glucose monitoring is among the most effective Telemedicine strategies
  5. Corticosteroid (endo, pharm)
    1. Added Corticosteroid tapering indications (>3 weeks of use, disease flare expected on stopping)
    2. Also added physiology related information
  6. Thalassemia (hemeonc, Hemoglobin)
    1. AFP Journal has an excellent review of Thalassemia in March 2022 issue
    2. Article brings into focus the management and complications of Thalassemia based on transfusion dependent or not
    3. Extensive updates to a topic that I feel I understand much better after reading this article
    4. Also completed a Hemoglobin diagram
  7. Fever Without Focus Management Birth to 3 Months (id, peds)
    1. Extensive updates to the well appearing febrile infant protocol that changed in fall of 2021
  8. Medications in Lactation (ob, pharm)
    1. Updated Medications in Lactation and Breast Feeding Problems for the Mother
  9. Menstrual Cycle (gyn, exam)
    1. Extensive additions to the physiology of the Menstrual Cycle including a new diagram
  10. Intussusception (surgery, gi)
    1. Updates
  11. Monteggia Fracture (ortho, elbow)
    1. Do not miss the Radial Head Dislocation!
    2. Added image for Forearm Fracture dislocations (GRUM)
  12. Narrow Pulse Pressure (cv, exam)
    1. May predict circulatory collapse in Trauma with Hemorrhage
    2. Prehospital Narrow Pulse Pressure predicts severe Trauma and need for aggressive Resuscitation
    3. Interpret in combination with Trauma Evaluation and other markers (Hypotension, Shock Index)
  13. Septic Olecranon Bursitis (ortho, id)
    1. Bursa Aspiration for Gram Stain and culture has been historically recommended in all cases of Septic Bursitis
    2. However, based on new ED based study, empiric antibiotic management without aspiration may be a safe and effective strategy
  14. Health Care Associated Infection (id, prevent)
    1. Updates to CAUTI, CRBI, VAP, C. difficile, Surgical Site Infection, Antibiotic Resistant Infection
  15. Insulin (endo, pharm)
    1. Added additional information about Insulin U-500
  16. Hyperparathyroidism (endo, Parathyroid)
    1. Extensive updates to Hypercalcemia and Hyperparathyroidism
    2. Also updated Hypocalcemia and Hypoparathyroidism
  17. Hypopituitarism (endo, pituitary)
    1. Added
  18. CT Angiography in Gastrointestinal Bleeding (gi, rad)
    1. Preferred test when Lower GI Bleed patient cannot undergo endoscopy, with significant Lower GI Bleeding
  19. Cerebral Venous Thrombosis (neuro, cv)
    1. Updated risk factors, precautions, presentation, management
  20. Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation (neuro, cv)
    1. Added, and also added Arteriovenous Malformation
  21. Cerebral T Waves (cv, ekg)
    1. Associated with large Intracranial Hemorrhage (also seen in cerebral edema, Ischemic CVA, PRES)
    2. Typically in precordial leads, and T Inversion may be >20 mm
    3. May be associated with Prolonged QTc
  22. Altered Level of Consciousness in Children (neuro, peds)
    1. Added with an extensive protocol and differential diagnosis
  23. Pneumonia Management in Children (id, lung)
    1. Updates regarding antibiotic selection and shorter durations (5 days)
  24. Psychological First Aid (psych, exam)
    1. Added lay person intervention in Suicidality
  25. Buprenorphine (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. Added dental decay related adverse effects
  26. Melatonin (pharm, alternative)
    1. Updates regarding safety (not recommended in pregnancy and Lactation), may cause Growth Delay in children
    2. Updated dosing in children
  27. Diabetic Neuropathy (endo, neuro)
    1. Updates on medication management
  28. Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma (eye, Glaucoma)
    1. Updated exam and management
  29. Buprenorphine (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. Oral Buprenorphine preparations (e.g. buccal, sublingual) may increase risk of Tooth Decay
  30. Eczematous Dermatitis (derm, dry)
    1. Added new agents (monoclonal antibodies, JAK Inhibitors)
  31. Flecainide Overdose (cv, pharm)
    1. Reviewed toxicity findings and management
  32. Body Packer (er, toxin)
    1. Additional management including Whole Bowel Irrigation added to protocol
  33. Subcutaneous Hematoma Drainage (surgery, procedure)
    1. Added
  34. Postoperative Oral Bleeding (dental, mucosa)
    1. Added based on author experiences
    2. Limited evidence for approaches gleamed from expert opinion, including otolaryngology
  35. Hemophilia B (hemeonc, coags)
    1. Updates to management
  36. Wound Closure with Staples (surgery, procedure)
    1. Added
  37. Auricular Field Block (surgery, procedure)
    1. Updated
  38. Retrograde Urethrogram (urology, procedure)
    1. Updated
  39. Central Cord Syndrome (ortho, c-spine)
    1. Updated
  40. Spinal Epidural Abscess (ortho, l-spine)
    1. Spinal Epidural Abscess is frequently misdiagnosed on initial presentation
    2. Be alert for red flag presentations (esp. with back pain)
    3. Unexplained fever is present in 86% of cases
    4. Focal neurologic deficits with progressive or disabling symptoms is present in 82% of cases
  41. Tramadol (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. Additional Tramadol updates (many reasons to avoid)
    2. Read the Tox and the Hound (Tramadont)
  42. PF Ratio (lung, lab)
    1. Allows interpretation of ABG PaO2 while on Supplemental Oxygen
  43. Energy Metabolism (endo, exam)
    1. Added additional factors affecting Energy Metabolism
  44. Ear Canal Bleeding after Cerumen Removal (ent, ear)
    1. Continuous Ear Canal Bleeding after Cerumen Removal by ENT lead to my learning of a quick trick to control bleeding (ear wick)
  45. Ceftazidime-Avibactam (id, pharm)
    1. Updates
  46. Phosphine Toxicity (er, toxin)
    1. Added
  • Updates
  • March 2022
  1. Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (endo, diabetes)
    1. MODY accounts for 1 to 5% of Diabetes Mellitus cases and often misdiagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes
    2. MODY is typically Autosomal Dominant (3 genetic defects account for >95% of cases)
    3. MODY results from non-autoimmune deficient Insulin secretion, with MODY 1 and MODY 3 typically requiring treatment
    4. MODY 1 and 3 are highly sensitive to Sulfonylureas (with Hypoglycemia risk), which often maintain efficacy for decades
  2. Hemoptysis (lung, sx)
    1. Extensive updates
  3. Borderline Personality Disorder (psych, behavior)
    1. Extensive Updates
  4. Foot Drop (neuro, exam)
    1. Added a page on Foot Drop (thanks to Dr. Wesam Khalfalla for the suggestion)
  5. Tracheostomy Obstruction (lung, procedure)
    1. Updates added to precautions in Hypoxia management
  6. Intranasal Ketamine (surgery, pharm)
    1. Updates with sedation dosing which are 2-4 fold higher dosing than the Analgesic dosing
  7. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Related EKG Changes (cv, ekg)
    1. Precautions regarding High Left Ventricular Voltage in healthy young patients, esp. athletes (not LVH)
  8. Gastrointestinal Metabolism (gi, anatomy)
    1. Extensive updates to the physiology of Digestion including multiple diagrams
    2. Diagrams added for Carbohydrate Metabolism, Lipid Metabolism, Protein Metabolism and overall Digestion mechanisms
    3. Also created diagrams related to Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Kreb Cycle
  9. Intestinal Atresia (gi, peds)
    1. Added, and also updated malrotation and Midgut Volvulus
  10. Respiratory Physiology (lung, anatomy)
    1. Finally completed a diagram of Lung Physiology
  11. Hypothalamus (neuro, anatomy)
    1. Added Hypothalamus-Pituitary Hormone physiology diagram
  12. Calcium Metabolism (renal, lab)
    1. Updated the Calcium Metabolism image to incorporate Vitamin D synthesis and activation
  13. Thyroid Anatomy (endo, anatomy)
    1. Added Thyroid function diagram
  14. Adrenal Gland (endo, anatomy)
    1. Added adrenal function diagram
  15. Aldosterone (endo, lab)
    1. Added a topic on Aldosterone and mineralocortoid
  16. Glucose Metabolism (endo, exam)
    1. Added diagrams for Gluconeogenesis (and Ketogenesis), Glycolysis and Carbohydrate Metabolism
  17. Sleep Problems in Children (psych, peds)
    1. Extensive updates, including added Parasomnias
  18. Unknown Ingestion (er, toxin)
    1. Extensive updates
  19. Animal Bite (er, derm)
    1. Extensive Updates
  20. Cervical Ripening (ob, ld)
    1. Updates to techniques
  21. Labor Induction (ob, ld)
    1. Updated with Labor Induction indications including Gestational age criteria per condition
    2. Added Amniotomy
  22. Nerve Agent Exposure (er, toxin)
    1. Updates
  23. Sugammadex (neuro, pharm)
    1. Updates
  24. Human Trafficking (prevent, abuse)
    1. Updates
  25. Intracompartmental Pressure Monitor (ortho, procedure)
    1. Updates
  26. Tracheal Suctioning (er, procedure)
    1. Updates
  27. Fever of Unknown Origin (id, fever)
    1. Updates
  28. Fluvoxamine (psych, pharm)
    1. Updates (due to increased adjunctive use for Covid, but mixed evidence of benefit)
  29. Cannabinoid Intoxication (psych, cd)
    1. Additional updates for accidental THC Intoxication in children
  30. Inferior Shoulder Dislocation (ortho, Shoulder)
    1. Updates to management including Shoulder reduction of inferior dislocations
  31. Closed Thoracic Lavage (lung, procedure)
    1. Added
  32. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (neuro, csf)
    1. Updated MRI findings
  33. Intravenous Acetaminophen (pharm, Analgesic)
    1. IV Acetaminophen (Ofirmev) has had minimal use since release in 2010; costs $30/dose compared with $0.01 for oral Acetaminophen
    2. Use may increase when generic for perioperative patients as well as for NPO patients as adjunctive to NSAIDs and Opioids
  • Updates
  • February 2022
  1. Pediatric Pneumonia (lung, id)
    1. Consider occult Pneumonia in fever >5 days, Leukocytosis or Abdominal Pain
    2. Abdominal Pain is the presenting complaint in 8.5% of patients, age 3 to 14 years old (esp age <5 years)
    3. Vomiting or Diarrhea is present in 27% of Pediatric Pneumonia cases
  2. Cardiac Syncope (cv, sx)
    1. Cardiac cause of Syncope is more likely in known cardiovascular disease (e.g. CAD, CHF, Atrial Fib), first episode after age 35 years
    2. Associated with no prodrome or prodromal Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath or Cyanosis
  3. Covid19 (lung, id)
    1. Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir (Paxlovid, Pfizer) is FDA emergency authorized, oral Protease Inhibitor
    2. Indicated in high risk outpatients started within first 5 days
  4. Transient Global Amnesia (neuro, Amnesia)
    1. Transient inability to form new memories (Anterograde Amnesia) in episode lasting minutes to up to 24 hours
    2. One probable trigger is Valsalva Maneuver, which appears to cause transient MRI lesions in the Hippocampus
  5. Vitamin D Toxicity (pharm, Vitamin)
    1. Expanded on topic
  6. Subcutaneous Single Injection Digital Nerve Block (surgery, pharm)
    1. Another finger Anesthesia block technique
  7. Essential Tremor (neuro, Tremor)
    1. Topiramate is now a first-line agent in Essential Tremor
    2. Drug Induced Tremor causes was also updated
  8. Abdominal Trauma (er, gi)
    1. Bowel injury is rare (1-5%) in Blunt Abdominal Trauma, but easily missed when it does occur
    2. Bowel wall breaks and free air are seen in only a minority of bowel wall injuries
    3. Free fluid without solid organ injury is a red flag for intraabdominal injury
  9. Adult Intussusception (surgery, bowel)
    1. Rare in adults (<0.08% of cases) and associated with malignancy in 15 to 65% of cases
  10. Bacterial Endocarditis (cv, id)
    1. General Updates
  11. Aortic Stenosis (cv, valve)
    1. General Updates
  12. Septic Bursitis (ortho, id)
    1. Updates
  13. Agitated Delirium (psych, behavior)
    1. Updated differential of the febrile Agitated Delirium patient
  14. Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome (derm, id)
    1. Updates
  15. Cluster Headache (neuro, Headache)
    1. Extensive updates
  16. Adenomyosis (gyn, Uterus)
    1. Extensive updates
  17. Orthostatic Hypotension (cv, exam)
    1. Extensive updates
  18. Pruritus (derm, sx)
    1. Extensive updates
  19. Arterial Atherosclerosis (surgery, cv)
    1. Updated interventions for AAA, Carotid Stenosis, Renal Artery Stenosis and Peripheral Arterial Disease
  20. Positive Predictive Value (prevent, epi)
    1. Updated examples and links to calculator
  21. Inhalation Injury (er, environ, burn)
    1. General updates
  22. Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy (ob, hemeonc)
    1. Updates
  23. Provider Burnout (manage, psych)
    1. Organizational prevention strategies added
  24. PCSK9 Small Interfering RNA (cv, pharm)
    1. New Subcutaneous Injection for severe Hyperlipidemia
  25. Covid19 (lung, id)
    1. Updates related to Paxlovid
  26. Gastroesophageal Reflux (gi, Esophagus)
    1. Updates on PPI discontinuation
  27. HIV PrEP (hiv, prevent)
    1. Updated options for management
  28. Fertility Tracking (gyn, Contraception)
    1. Updates regarding Urine LH kits
  29. Dual Antiplatelet Therapy (hemeonc, pharm)
    1. Status post coronary DES, use dual agents for 6 months, then Aspirin
    2. If high risk of bleeding (e.g. Gastrointestinal Bleeding), than use 3 months dual, 9 months Clopidogrel, then Aspirin daily
  • Updates
  • January 2022
  1. Acute Aortic Occlusion (surgery, cv)
    1. Added
  2. Arrhythmia Following Myocardial Infarction (cv, ekg)
    1. Added
  3. Septic Arthritis (rheum, id)
    1. Extensive updates, including added Prosthetic Joint Infection
  4. Pediatric Vomiting (gi, peds)
    1. Extensive updates to Pediatric Vomiting and Vomiting Causes in Children
  5. Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (surgery, gi)
    1. Added
  6. Hepatitis C (gi, id)
    1. Extensive Updates
  7. Cannabinoid (psych, cd)
    1. Extensive updates
  8. Pneumonia in Children (lung, peds)
    1. Updates
  9. Unprovoked Seizure in Children (neuro, Seizure)
    1. Added
  10. High Sensitivity Troponin (cv, lab)
    1. Added protocol for High Sensitivity Troponin I
  11. Thyroiditis (endo, Thyroid)
    1. Updates
  12. Color Blindness (eye, Vision)
    1. Added
  13. Covid19 Vaccine (id, immunize)
    1. Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine approved for ages 5-12 years. Updated dosing
  14. Covid19 (lung, id)
    1. Updated Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Covid19
  15. Prevnar (id, immunize)
    1. Prevnar 20 is available for adults, pending approval in children
  16. Dry Eyes (eye, sx)
    1. Intranasal Varenicline (Tyrvaya) is a approved intranasally at $600/month for modest effect on Dry Eyes
  17. Subcutaneous Injection (er, procedure)
    1. Updates
  18. Intramuscular Injection (er, procedure)
    1. Updates
  19. Seasonal Effective Disorder (psych, depression)
    1. Updates
  20. Eczematous Dermatitis (derm, dry)
    1. Opzelura (Ruxolitinib) is a a topical JAK Inhibitor approved for refractory mild to moderate Eczema
  21. Isotretinoin (derm, pharm)
    1. Updated
  22. Citalopram Overdose (psych, pharm)
    1. Updated Citalopram and SSRI ovderose
  23. Presbyopia (eye, Vision)
    1. Added topic as well as Vuity (Pilocarpine)
  24. Septic Joint (rheum, id)
    1. Updates
  25. Patella Dislocation (ortho, knee)
    1. Relocation updates
  26. Ulnar Nerve Block (surgery, pharm)
    1. Updates
  27. Aortoenteric Fistula (surgery, cv)
    1. Added
  28. Fallopian Tube Torsion (gyn, ovary)
    1. Rare, isolated tube torsion added
  29. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (neuro, cv)
    1. Updates to diagnostic rules
  30. Tube Thoracostomy (lung, procedure)
    1. Updates
  31. Nutritional Support (pharm, nutrition)
    1. Reviewed Enteral Nutrition, Parenteral nutrition
  32. Isoniazid Overdose (lung, pharm)
    1. Added
  33. Intravenous Angiotensin (cv, pharm)
    1. New agent for refractory Hypotension
  34. Patient Education (manage, general)
    1. Updated, including misinformation
  35. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (urology, Prostate)
    1. Updated management
  36. Lybalvi (psych, pharm)
    1. Olanzapine/Samidorphan (Lybalvi) is released in 2021 at $1400/month
    2. Samidorphan is a Naltrexone derivative added to reduce weight gain that typically occurs with Olanzapine
    3. Marginal efficacy for cost (other strategies to reduce weight gain are preferred)
  37. Prostate Cancer Management (urology, hemeonc)
    1. Reviewed Prostate Cancer hormonal management
  38. Vaping (psych, cd)
    1. Updates
  39. Turmeric (pharm, alternative)
    1. Updates