Serum Glucose


Serum Glucose, Blood Glucose, Blood Sugar, Glucose, Hyperglycemia

  • Physiology
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  • Precautions
  1. See Diabetes Mellitus for evaluation and management of initial evaluation and management of Hyperglycemia
  2. Serum Glucose >250 mg/dl may be associated with Serum Ketone production
  • Interpretation
  • Normal
  1. Fasting Blood Sugar: <100 mg/dl
    1. Reflects Insulin Resistance, hepatic production and overnight Glucose secretion
  2. Postprandial 2 hours: <140 mg/dl
    1. Reflects pancreatic islet cell response to a meal (endogenous Insulin secretion)
    2. Blood Glucose may in some cases rise as high as 160 mg/dl after a large meal in a non-diabetic patient
  3. Stress response
    1. Typically Serum Glucose <200 mg/dl