Growth Plate


Growth Plate, Ossification Center, Epiphyseal Line, Epiphyseal Plate, Bone Collar, Periosteal Bud, Long Bone Growth, Bone Development

  • Physiology
  • Development
  1. Hyaline Cartilage
    1. Hyaline cartilage is the initial structure or mold into which bone forms
  2. Bone Collar
    1. Forms along the outer margin of the bone (at future diaphysis)
  3. Primary Ossification Center
    1. Hyaline cartilage deteriorates and cavitates centrally forming a hyaline cavity
  4. Medullary (central) spongy bone formation
    1. Spongy bone forms centrally from primary Ossification Center
  5. Periosteal Bud
    1. Vascular connective tissue from the perichondrium (outer margin) invades central hyaline cavity
    2. Forms future blood supply to Medullary cavity
  6. Medullary cavity
    1. Bony cavity replaces prior hyaline cartilage cavity
  7. Secondary Ossification Center
    1. Spongy bone forms from secondary Ossification Center (at each long bone end)
    2. Develops into epiphyseal bone
  8. Epiphyseal Plate cartilage (epiphysis or Growth Plate)
    1. Cartilage remains between bone formed from primary (central) and secondary (epiphyseal) Ossification Centers
    2. Remaining cartilage functions as a Growth Plate for Long Bone Growth
  9. Articular cartilage
    1. Hyaline cartilage remains at the long bone ends at joint margins
    2. All other hyaline cartilage is replaced by bone, aside from at the epiphysis
  • Anatomy
  • Layers
  1. Articular cartilage
  2. Epiphysis (rounded bone end)
  3. Epiphyseal Plate or Growth Plate
    1. Resting Zone of hyaline cartilage
    2. Proliferating Zone of hyaline cartilage
    3. Hypertrophic Zone of hyaline cartilage
    4. Calcified Zone of hyaline cartilage
  4. Metaphysis
  5. Diaphysis