Arm Regional Anesthesia


Arm Regional Anesthesia, Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia of the Upper Extremity, Nerve Block of the Hand and Wrist, Hand and Wrist Regional Anesthesia, Ultrasound-Guided Wrist Block, Complete Hand Anesthesia, Wrist Nerve Block

  • Indications
  1. Regional Anesthesia to allow for procedures (in place of Procedural Sedation)
  2. Severe localized pain control (e.g. Forearm Fracture)
    1. Consider Hematoma Block
  • Contraindications
  • Technique
  • Complete Hand Anesthesia (Wrist Block)
  1. Images
    1. forearmMedianUlnarNerveBlock.jpg
  2. Perform median and ulnar wrist blocks under Ultrasound guidance
    1. Forearm Median Nerve Block
    2. Forearm Ulnar Nerve Block
  3. Perform Field Block (non-Ultrasound guided) of the dorsolateral wrist
    1. Start lateral to radial artery near radial styloid
    2. Perform Subcutaneous Injection from radial styloid, across the dorsal wrist
      1. Follow standard Regional Anesthesia procedures to prevent complications (e.g. LAST Reaction)
    3. Alternative: Radial Nerve Block at Elbow (or mid-Forearm)
      1. Difficult to localize Radial Nerve branches on Wrist Ultrasound (branches at proximal wrist)
      2. Dorsolateral Field Block offers similar results due to superficial location of Radial Nerve branches
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  • Complications
  1. Nerve injury with persistent Paresthesias
  2. See Local Anesthetic System Toxicity (LAST)
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