Separation Anxiety Disorder


Separation Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety

  • Findings
  1. Developmentally inappropriate fear of separation from an attachment figure, lasting at least 4 weeks
  2. Associated with Clinically Significant distress or impaired functioning
  3. Associated diagnostic criteria (at least 3 criteria present)
    1. Recurrent, excessive distress when anticipating or experiencing separation
    2. Repeated separation Nightmares
    3. Repeated complaints or physical symptoms when separation occurs or is anticipated
    4. Persistent and excessive fear or worry about...
      1. Loss and harm
      2. An event causing separation
      3. To be alone or without attachment figure
    5. Persistent reluctance or refusal to...
      1. Go out because of separation fear
      2. To sleep away from home or be away from attachment figure
  • Differential Diagnosis