Agoraphobic Avoidance


Agoraphobic Avoidance, Agoraphobia

  • Definitions
  1. Agoraphobia
    1. Anxiety in a public or crowded place without easy escape
    2. Avoidance behavior to prevent Panic Attack in these settings
  • Findings
  • Types of activities avoided by patients with Agoraphobia
  1. Being distant from home
  2. Being separated from their safe person
  3. Physical exertion associated with Panic Attacks
  4. Going to enclosed places without easy egress or escape
    1. Restaurant or theater
    2. Store
    3. Public transportation
  5. Driving
  6. Social events where Panic Attack would be embarrassing
  7. Substance ingestion that would provoke attack
    1. Foods or medications
    2. Alcohol
    3. Caffeine
  • Diagnosis
  • DSM5
  1. Marked fear or anxiety about actual or anticipated exposure in public spaces, lasting >6 months
  2. Occurs most of the time in two of five common, different situations
    1. Using public transportation
    2. Being in open spaces
    3. Being in enclosed spaces (e.g. theater)
    4. Standing in a line or crowd
    5. Being outside alone
  3. Fear is out of proportion to actual danger of situations
  4. Diagnosis requires both fear of public places AND active attempts to avoid these situations
  5. Results in Clinically Significant functional Impairment
  • References
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