Philadelphia Criteria for Febrile Infant 29-60 days


Philadelphia Criteria for Febrile Infant 29-60 days, Philadelphia Criteria for Febrile Infant, Philadelphia Criteria for Infant with Fever, Febrile Infant Evaluation with Philadelphia Criteria

  • Indications
  1. Assessment of febrile child (>38.2 C) aged 29-60 days
  2. Reassures against serious infection (Occult Bacteremia)
  • Criteria
  • Reassuring if all criteria are present
  1. Well appearing infant
  2. Reassuring examination
  3. Labs
    1. White blood count (WBC) <15,000/mm3
    2. Band to Neutrophil ratio <0.2
    3. Urinalysis <10 WBC/hpf
    4. Urine Gram Stain Negative
    5. CSF <8 WBC/mm3
    6. CSF Gram Stain Negative
    7. Chest XRay no infiltrate (if obtained)
    8. Stool without blood and few to no Fecal Leukocytes on smear (if indicated)
  • Interpretation
  1. Higher risk
    1. Admit and start empiric antibiotics
  2. Lower risk (all reassuring criteria met)
    1. Supports discharge with antibiotics and with close interval follow-up