Glucometer, Blood-Glucose Monitor, Glucose Test Strips

  • Costs
  1. Glucometers cost $10 to over $100
    1. Manufacturers often give meters away (via DM educators)
    2. The meters cost far less than the years of test strips (see below)
  2. Test strip costs
    1. Each: $0.22 to $1.66
    2. Monthly: $7 to $50 for once daily testing
    3. Yearly: $84 to $600 for once daily testing
  • Management
  • Prescriptions
  1. Prescribe "Blood Glucose Meter" without specific brand and allow patient to select with pharmacist best option
    1. Meter features change constantly and some have large buttons, audio prompts or exportable data to mobile apps
    2. Most meters allow for alternate site testing (but interstitial readings may lag true Blood Sugar by 40 minutes)
    3. Test strips are most expensive long-term cost and free meters may not be a bargain
  2. Test strip prescriptions
    1. Write diagnosis code on test strip (and meter) prescription (e.g. ICD10: E11.9)
    2. Directions should include specific testing frequency (Medicare does not accept prn or as directed)
    3. Medicare allows for 100 test strips and 100 lancets every 30 days if on Insulin and every 90 days otherwise
  3. References
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