Occupational Skin Disorder


Occupational Skin Disorder, Work-Related Skin Disease, Sport-related Contact Dermatitis, Occupational Contact Dermatitis, Occupational Dermatosis

  • Causes
  • Work-Related Skin Disorders
  1. Irritant Contact Dermatitis
    1. Direct cause of localized inflammation (acids, bases, water, detergents or cleansers)
    2. Wet work is associated with more than two thirds of cases
    3. Common in auto and paint industry, printers, hair dressers, and healthcare workers
  2. Allergic Contact Dermatitis
    1. Common causes include metals (esp. Nickel), epoxy, acrylics,
    2. Common in farm and forestry work, cement work, healthcare and lab workers
  3. Acne Vulgaris (oil or grease exposure)
  4. Folliculitis (oil or grease exposure)
  5. Burn Injury or mechanical injury
  6. Cellulitis and other Skin Infections
  7. Occupational Skin Cancer
  1. Running: Lanolin, eucalyptus, benzocaine
  2. Bowling Gloves: Colophony
  3. Soccer shin guards: Urea formaldehyde
  4. Swim goggles and wetsuits: Diethylthiourea
  5. Scuba Face Masks: Isopropyl paraphenylenediamine
  6. Hockey sticks: Fiberglass
  • Resources
  1. Haz-Map (Occupational Exposure Database)