Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder


Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, Sleep Phase Rhythm Disturbance

  • Types
  • Intrinsic
  1. Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder
    1. See Delayed Sleep Phase
    2. Late sleep onset as well as late wake-up time
    3. Results in excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Insomnia
  2. Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome
    1. Sleepiness onset early in the evening (before 8 pm) with early awakening (by 3 am)
  3. Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm
    1. Sleep primarily occurs during multiple naps irregularly and inconsistently spaced throughout the day
    2. No primary sleep time occurs overnight
  4. Non-24-hour Sleep-Wake Syndrome
    1. Consistent circadian cycle of longer than a 24 hour day
    2. Results in gradually advancing sleep and wake times that progress each day
    3. For example, bedtimes advances from 10 pm to 11 to 12 to 1... until over a 3 week period, they return to a 10 pm bedtime
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