Osteomyelitis CT


Osteomyelitis CT, CT in Suspected Osteomyelitis

  • Indications
  1. Not indicated as first line Osteomyelitis imaging
  2. Other modalities are preferred for Osteomyelitis imaging (e.g. Osteomyelitis MRI, Osteomyelitis Bone Scan)
    1. Standard CT has low efficacy in Osteomyelitis
    2. Osteomyelitis PET Scan has high efficacy (however very expensive)
  3. Indicated in identifying sequestra (islands of necrotic bone)
  4. May be used in defining Vertebral Osteomyelitis involvement
  5. Consider for CT-guided bone biopsy
  • Protocol
  1. Perform with IV Contrast for better soft tissue evaluation
  • Findings
  1. Cortical Bone osteolysis
  2. Small gas foci
  3. Foreign body
  4. Sequestra (islands of necrotic bone)