Posterior Talar Fracture


Posterior Talar Fracture, Posterior Talar Tubercle Fracture, Talar Fracture of Posterior Process

  • Types
  1. Medial tubercle of posterior talar process
    1. Mechanism: Ankle dorsiflexion with pronation
  2. Lateral tubercle of posterior talar process
    1. Mechanism: Plantar flexion or forced inversion
  1. Tenderness to palpation posterior to medial malleolus
  1. Tenderness anterior to achilles tendon at lateral ankle
  2. Provocative maneuvers: Plantar flexion
  1. Lateral tubercle: Lateral XRay
    1. Note that accessory ossicle is normal variant
  2. Medial tubercle: Oblique Ankle XRay
    1. Hold foot in 40 degrees external rotation
  • Management
  1. Non-weight bearing Short Leg Cast for 4 to 6 weeks
    1. Indicated for small, non-displaced Fractures
  2. Surgical repair
    1. Large or displaced Fractures