Prevention of Liver Disease Progression


Prevention of Liver Disease Progression, Chronic Liver Disease

  • Prevention of Liver Disease Progression
  1. Abstain completely from Alcohol
  2. Vaccination
    1. Hepatitis A Vaccine
    2. Hepatitis B Vaccine
  3. Avoid Hepatotoxic Medications
    1. Acetaminophen <2 grams/day appears to be safe
    2. Statins appear to be safe
    3. Avoid frequent NSAIDs or Aspirin (bleeding risk)
    4. Antibiotics
      1. Avoid Augmentin
      2. Fluoroquinolone and Cephalosporins are safe
  4. Avoid iron Supplements except in Iron Deficiency Anemia
    1. Reduces risk of Secondary Hemochromatosis
  5. Low Fat Diet
    1. Reduces risk of Fatty Liver