Ineffective Oxygen Delivery


Ineffective Oxygen Delivery, Nasal Catheter, Oxygen Tent

  • Devices
  • Nasal Catheter (Avoid)
  1. Flexible lubricated oxygen catheter
    1. Holes in distal 2cm
  2. Advanced through nostril into pharynx behind uvula
    1. Risk of Trauma to adenoids and secondary Hemorrhage
    2. Gastric distention or rupture if cannulate Esophagus
  3. No advantage when compared with Nasal Cannula
  • Devices
  • Oxygen Tent (Avoid)
  1. Clear Plastic shell encloses upper body
  2. Cannot reliably provide stable Oxygen Concentrations
    1. Although theoretically 50% Oxygen at high flows
    2. Room air drawn into tent whenever entered
  3. Tent Limits patient access
  4. Delivers <30% Oxygen at high flows