Drug-Induced Olfactory Dysfunction


Drug-Induced Olfactory Dysfunction, Drug-Induced Gustatory Dysfunction, Altered Sensation of Smell due to Medication, Medication Causes of Disordered Sense of Smell, Medication Causes of Disordered Sense of Taste

  • Causes
  • Cardiovascular Medications
  • Causes
  • Nasal Medications
  1. Intranasal Zinc
  2. Nasal Sprays in general
  • Causes
  • Miscellaneous Medications
  1. Chemotherapy
    1. Antiproliferative drugs (e.g. Cisplatin)
  2. Antirheumatic Drugs (e.g. Penicillamine)
  3. Antithyroid Medications
  4. Antidepressants
  5. Anticonvulsants
  6. Azelastine (Antihistamine)
  7. Zopiclone (for Insomnia)