NYHA Heart Failure Classification


NYHA Heart Failure Classification, NYHA Class, AHA Heart Failure Stage, AHA/ACC Heart Failure Classification

  • Classification
  • NYHA
  1. Class I: Symptoms with more than ordinary activity
  2. Class II: Symptoms with ordinary activity
  3. Class III: Symptoms with minimal activity
    1. Class IIIa: No Dyspnea at rest
    2. Class IIIb: Recent Dyspnea at rest
  4. Class IV: Symptoms at rest
  1. Asymptomatic (NYHA Class I)
  2. Symptomatic (NYHA Class II and Class III)
  3. Symptomatic with recent Dyspnea at rest (Class IIIb)
  4. Symptomatic with Dyspnea at rest (Class IV)
  1. Stage A
    1. No symptoms
    2. No heart disease
    3. Heart Failure risk factors
      1. Hypertension
      2. Diabetes Mellitus or Metabolic Syndrome
      3. Obesity
      4. Atherosclerotic disease
      5. Cardiomyopathy risks (e.g. cardiotoxin exposure, Family History)
  2. Stage B
    1. No symptoms
    2. Structural heart disease
      1. History of Myocardial Infarction
      2. Valvular heart disease (asymptomatic)
      3. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy or other evidence of remodeling
      4. Decreased ejection fraction
  3. Stage C
    1. Heart Failure symptoms
    2. Structural heart disease
  4. Stage D
    1. Symptoms at rest requiring aggressive medical management
    2. Advanced structural heart disease