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This text is derived from a 'peripheral brain' collection of medical notes, and is divided over 6067 topics within 717 chapters and 31 subspecialty books. Information is gleamed from reputable sources, referenced where possible, taken from lectures and workshops, peer reviewed articles and key texts. New approaches to medical problems are referenced with supporting studies, and further reading is often suggested on general medical issues. Images, sounds, worksheets, patient education materials, and links to other sites are interwoven with the text, via links to

This text is a scaled down version of the Family Practice Notebook Website at, intended to run within any mobile browser. Navigation tools have been optimized to conserve screen space and memory, but the text is identical to that found on the website. Worksheets and patient education materials require an active internet connection, as do links to other websites and reference details. This handheld version is free and supported by advertising.

Peer review of this text would be a very welcome addition, but as of yet I rely on email feedback to to correct errors and misinformation. Content is solely per the discretion of the site author.

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I have tried with great fervor to limit errors, misinformation, and copyright infringement in the text. This is, however, no guarantee that the notebook is without fault. Please exercise your own clinical judgment when implementing any management strategies found here. I would greatly appreciate feedback to regarding any problems you discover while perusing these pages. Please use this information only after reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions of this site.

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The author of the Family Practice Notebook, is Scott Moses, MD, a board-certified Family Physician practicing in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.