Provoked Full Bladder Stress Test


Provoked Full Bladder Stress Test, Bladder Stress Test

  • Indication
  1. Incontinence Evaluation
  • Technique
  1. Have patient void
  2. Insert 16 French Foley Catheter
    1. Send Urine for Urinalysis and Urine Culture
  3. Check postvoid residual
    1. Further evaluation indicated if >200 cc residual
    2. Some use >100 cc residual urine as criteria
    3. Normally <50 cc residual urine
  4. Fill the Bladder (through the foley) with Normal Saline
    1. Stop when patient feels Bladder full or at 400-500 cc
    2. Evaluate intersititial cystitis for <250 cc tolerated
  5. Connect a syringe (without plunger) to foley
    1. Observe for signs of increasing meniscus on syringe
    2. Meniscus suggests detrussor instabiity and spasm
  6. Remove foley