Silicone Sheeting


Silicone Sheeting, Silicone Elastomer Sheeting, Silicone Gel Sheeting, Kelo-cote, ScarAway, Silicone Dressing

  • Indications
  1. Prevention or Treatment of Hypertrophic Scar or Keloid
  • Contraindications
  1. Open wound
  • Mechanism
  1. Softens and flattens scar via Occlusion
  • Preparations
  1. Kelo-cote
  2. ScarAway
  • Technique
  1. Start once wound closure has occurred (3-4 weeks after injury)
  2. Use gels on the face and extensor surfaces (knees and elbows) and sheets on larger flat areas of closed skin
  3. Cut sheeting 1-2 cm larger than involved area
  4. Wash the sheet and the scar with soap and water daily between applications
  5. Apply directly over wound and leave in place for 12-24 hours per day for 2-3 months
    1. Example: Start Day 28 for 3 months after wound closure
    2. Longer use beyond 3 months does not improve outcomes
  • Advantages
  1. Simple and painless with few adverse effects
  2. Consider in children intolerant to local steroid
  • Efficacy
  1. Reduces hardness, Hyperpigmentation, elevation and Pruritus associated with scar
    1. Does not eliminate scar
  2. Improves >80% of Keloids