Left Lower Quadrant Abdominal Pain


Left Lower Quadrant Abdominal Pain, LLQ Abdominal Pain, LLQ Pain

  • Causes
  • Vascular
  1. Leaking aneurysm
  2. Mesenteric Ischemia
  • Causes
  • Miscellaneous
  1. Psoas abscess
  2. Abdominal wall Hematoma
  • Evaluation
  1. Diverticulitis suspected (e.g. fever, Diverticuli history, RLQ tenderness, Rectal Bleeding)
    1. Empiric treatment for Diverticulitis
    2. Consider CT Abdomen with oral and IV contrast
  2. Non-Diverticular cause suspected
    1. Evaluate for non-gastrointestinal cause as listed above
  • Imaging
  • Preferred
  1. Abdominal CT with oral water and IV contrast