Biceps Tendon Instability


Biceps Tendon Instability, Subluxing Biceps Tendon, Bicipital Tendon Subluxation

  • Definition
  1. Biceps tendon dislocates from bicipital groove
  • Etiologies
  1. Tear in overlying subscapularis tendon
  2. Congenitally shallow groove
  3. Trauma in young patient
    1. Forceful external rotation and abduction of Shoulder
  • Signs
  1. Palpable or audible snap on Shoulder Range of Motion
  • Course
  1. Frequent recurrences of subluxation
  2. Tenosynovitis develops
    1. Results in Shoulder Pain and stiffness
  • Management
  1. Surgery to anchor biceps tendon in bicipital groove