Wandering Behavior in Dementia


Wandering Behavior in Dementia, Dementia Related Wandering

  • Epidemiology
  • General
  1. Frequently results in Nursing Home placement
  • Management
  1. Medications often worsen wandering
    1. Second to Akathisia (motor restlessness)
  2. Aggressively treat sleep problems
  3. Increase daytime activity
    1. Daytime chores and stimulation
    2. Take frequent walks
    3. Secure area for patient to wander
  4. Outside door barriers
    1. Rig alarm (hang tin cans from door by a string)
    2. Door Locks patient can't operate
      1. Fire hazard risk
    3. Visual barriers
      1. Stop sign on door
      2. Black rectangle on floor prior to outside door
      3. Hide door knob with cloth
  5. Safe-Return ID bracelet ($40)
    1. Available through Alzheimer's Association
  6. Limit robbery risk
    1. Patient should not wear expensive jewelry
    2. Patient should not carry a large sum of money
  7. Notify local police of wandering risk