HIV related Myelopathy


HIV related Myelopathy, HIV related Myelitis, Myelopathy in HIV, Myelitis in HIV, HIV-Associated Polymyositis, HIV Myopathy

  • Causes
  1. Transverse Myelitis
    1. Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) infection
    2. Spinal epidural or intradural Lymphoma
    3. Toxoplasma gondii infection
  2. Slowly progressive vacuolar Myelopathy
    1. Spinal cord dysfunction (more common in advanced HIV)
    2. Progressive painless gait disturbance with Ataxia
    3. Increased lower extremity motor tone and progressive weakness
    4. Erectile Dysfunction
    5. Consider MRI Spine
  3. HIV-Associated Polymyositis (Myopathy)
    1. Similar to autoimmune Polymyositis
    2. Progressive symmetric proximal Muscle Weakness