Cetaphil Skin Cleanser


Cetaphil Skin Cleanser, Nuvo-Lotion

  • Definition
  1. Non-soap based skin cleanser
  • Indications
  1. Soap alternative in Dry Skin or Eczema
    1. Limit soap use to axilla and groin
  2. Head Lice (off-label use)
    1. Studied under name Nuvo-Lotion
  • Technique
  • Head Lice suffocation (summarized)
  1. See Nuvo method resource below to maximize efficacy
  2. Uses Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser (12 ounces)
  3. Starting with dry hair, saturate the scalp with lotion
  4. Leave in for >2 minutes, then comb out excess Cetaphil
  5. Blow dry hair completely
  6. Leave dried lotion on hair for >8 hours, then Shampoo
  7. References
    1. See Nuvo method resource below
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