Wagner Ulcer Classification


Wagner Ulcer Classification, Megitt-Wagner System of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Grading

  • Background
  1. Most commonly used classification system for Foot Ulcer
  2. Does not distinguish lesions with ischemia or infection
    1. See University of Texas Diabetic Wound Classification
  • Indications
  • Wagner Grading System
  1. Grade 1: Superficial Diabetic Ulcer
  2. Grade 2: Ulcer extension
    1. Involves ligament, tendon, joint capsule or fascia
    2. No abscess or Osteomyelitis
  3. Grade 3: Deep ulcer with abscess or Osteomyelitis
  4. Grade 4: Gangrene to portion of forefoot
  5. Grade 5: Extensive gangrene of foot