Obturator Sign


Obturator Sign, Obturator Test

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  • Indications
  1. Appendicitis Evaluation
  • Technique
  1. Patient lies supine with right thigh flexed 90 degrees
  2. Examiner immobilizes right ankle with right hand
  3. Left hand rotates right hip by:
    1. Pull right knee laterally (hip external rotation)
    2. Pull right knee medially (hip internal rotation)
  4. Left obturator/Pelvis examined in similar fashion
  • Interpretation
  1. Indicates irritation of obturator Muscle
  2. Suggests pelvic abscess as seen in Appendicitis
  • Efficacy
  1. Positive Likelihood Ratio (children): 3.5
  2. Negative Likelihood Ratio (children): 0.73