Progressive Relaxation


Progressive Relaxation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Preparation
  1. Patient sits in chair suitable for complete relaxation
  2. Loosen any tight fitting clothing
  • Technique
  • Part 1
  1. Now take a deep breath, which will help relax the Muscles as you let your breath out again.
  2. Soon you will notice that your Eyelids begin to feel heavy and they will have a tendency to blink.
  3. They may blink more and more.
  4. They will grow heavier and heavier, heavier and heavier.
  5. You will find it harder and harder to hold them open.
  6. You may find your Vision growing somewhat blurred.
  7. You may find that you have to swallow from time to time.
  8. The Eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier now.
  9. Soon the eyes will want to close and to shut out the light.
  10. They are getting so heavy now, so awfully heavy, you can hardly hold them open.
  11. Let them close whenever they are ready. Heavy. Still heavier, and they can close now.
  12. NOTE
    1. Instruct patient to close eyes if not already closed
  • Technique
  • Part 2
  1. You are probably feeling listless now, a drowsy, listless feeling.
  2. It is very pleasant to feel so listless and drowsy. Let yourself relax still more.
  3. A feeling of well-being gradually comes over you, as though all your cares have rolled away, as though nothing matters, nothing at all.
  4. A feeling of "I don't care." You are so listless now.
  5. Give way to the feeling, as it is so pleasant.
  6. Just let yourself go, drifting deeper and deeper.
  7. Deeper with every breath you take. Deeper and still deeper.
  • Technique
  • Part 3
  1. Pay attention only to my voice - nothing else seems to matter and nothing will disturb you.
  2. Let yourself relax completely, now, let every Muscle go loose and limp.
  3. You will notice a growing feeling of heaviness in your arms and legs, perhaps over your whole body.
  4. There may be tingly feelings here and there, perhaps a numbness.
  5. And your breathing is getting slow and easy now. Slow and easy.
  6. NOTE
    1. Call attention to abdominal breathing if present
  • Technique
  • Part 4
  1. Give way to the drowsy listlessness. Let go completely.
  2. You are going deeper and still deeper now.
  3. Let all your Muscles relax, relax them completely.
  4. Begin with your feet and your legs. Let the Muscles go loose and limp.
  5. Relax them all. Now your thighs, and your hips.
  6. Let them relax. Your Shoulders, your arms, and your hands.
  7. Relax them. Now your neck. Let it relax.
  8. Do not mind if your head bows forward or to the side.
  9. It will be perfectly comfortable.
  10. Your facial Muscles can relax, and particularly the eye Muscles and the lids.
  11. Relax now, completely. Every Muscle in your body will relax.