Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence, Violence in the Hospital, Emergency Department Violence

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  1. Workplace Violence
    1. Work site act or threat of physical Violence, harassment, intimidation or other disruptive behavior
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  • Emergency Department
  1. Healthcare is second only to law enforcement as site of Workplace Violence
    1. 80% of ED workers report daily or weekly Violence
    2. 75% had to call police for at least one of these incidents
    3. Behaviors include spitting, biting, punching or attacking with an object
    4. Other behaviors include name calling, sexual harassment
  2. Emergency department factors
    1. Patients experience long wait times, in over crowded conditions and understaffed EDs
    2. EDs allow for unrestricted movement, often with inadequate security and policies
    3. Intoxicated, psychotic, delirious and demented patients are prone to Violence
  3. Resources
    1. Emergency Nursing Association
      1. https://www.ena.org/practice-resources/workplace-violence
    2. OSHA Preventing Violence in Healthcare
      1. https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3148.pdf
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