Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status


Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status, Parent's Evaluations of Developmental Status, PEDS Questionnaire

  • Description
  1. Developmental Screening test for age birth to 8 years old
  2. Ten question parental questionnaire
  • Advantages
  1. Available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Chinese, Tiawanese, Swahili, Somali, Indonesian, Portugese, Malaysian, Thai, Laotian
  2. Parents complete in 5 minutes (written at 4th to 5th grade level)
  3. Clinicians score in 2 minutes
  • Background
  1. Developed in 1998 by Frances Page Glascoe, PhD
  2. Validated in 771 children from diverse backgrounds
  • Efficacy
  • Resources and References
  1. Ellsworth and Vandermeer Press (Test Publisher)
  2. Developmental and Behavioral Screening