Non-Accidental Trauma related Fractures


Non-Accidental Trauma related Fractures, Fractures in Child Abuse

  1. Posterior or posteromedial Rib Fractures
    1. Seen especially infants related to compression from assailant's fingers wrapped around chest
  2. Metaphyseal chip Fracture (bucket handle Fracture)
    1. Distal long bone Fracture related to twisting mechanism of injury
  3. Sternal Fracture
  4. Scapula frcature
  5. Spinous process Fractures or Vertebral body Fractures
  6. Spiral long bone Fracture (Humerus or femur) in age under 3 years old
  7. Skull Fractures that ar multiple, depressed or complicated
  8. Multiple Fractures in varying stages of healing
  9. Mechanism inconsistent with injury or developmental stage (e.g. a 4 month old is not ambulatory)
  10. Distal extremity Fractures without a history of Trauma (e.g. Hand Fracture, Foot Fracture)
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