Congenital Abduction Contracture of the Hip


Congenital Abduction Contracture of the Hip, Acetabular Dysplasia

  • Pathophysiology
  1. Unilateral congenital abduction contracture of hip
    1. Contracture side of Pelvis tilted downward
  2. Opposite hip acetabulum develops poorly
    1. May result in dysplasia of the acetabulum
  • Signs
  • Present after 6 weeks of life
  1. Affected Leg appears shorter
  2. Asymmetric gluteal folds
  • Complications
  1. Dysplasia of the acetabulum
    1. Predisposes to hip subluxation
  • Management
  1. Pavlik harness
    1. Splints hips in flexed and abducted position
  2. Surgical management
    1. Indicated for persistent signs after 8 months of age