Galeazzi Fracture-Dislocation


Galeazzi Fracture-Dislocation, Galeazzi's Fracture, Galeazzi Fracture, Dupuytren's Fracture of Radius, Reverse Monteggia Fracture

  • Epidemiology
  1. Rare in children
  • Description
  1. Fracture of the distal to middle-third shaft of radius
  2. Dislocation of Distal radio-ulnar joint (ulna will appear medially displaced at the wrist)
    1. Risk of Ulnar Nerve injury
  • Mechanism
  1. Fall on Outstretched Hand with wrist extended and pronated
  • Exam
  1. See Forearm Fracture
  2. Evaluate for wrist deformity
  3. Evaluate for distal radioulnar joint tenderness
  • Signs (Triad)
  1. Images
    1. orthoForearmFxDislocate.jpg
  2. Radius Fracture (distal third)
  3. Radius Shortening
  4. Radio-ulnar dislocation (often missed)
    1. Occurs due to shortening of Fracture
    2. Shortening can only occur with injury elsewhere
  • Associated Conditions
  1. Distal radioulnar space widening
  2. Ulnar styloid Fracture
  3. Radius shortening
  4. Ulnar dislocation
  • Management
  1. Surgery usually required