Dyspnea Index


Dyspnea Index, MRC Dyspnea Index, mMRC Score, Medical Research Council Dyspnea Index, Modified Medical Research Council Dyspnea Index

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  2. BODE Index
  3. COPD Management
  • Indications
  1. COPD prognosis
  2. Component for the BODE Index
  • Scale
  1. Grade 1: No Dyspnea except on strenuous Exercise
  2. Grade 2: Short of breath when walking up a short hill
  3. Grade 3: Dyspnea limits walking pace (slower than others of same age) and stops to catch breath
  4. Grade 4: Stops to catch breath after walking 100 yards (or meters) or after a few minutes on level ground
  5. Grade 5: Dyspnea prevents leaving house and performing Activities of Daily Living