Lymphoma in HIV


Lymphoma in HIV, HIV related Lymphoma, AIDS related Lymphoma

  1. Incidence mildly increased in HIV
  2. Course may be more aggressive in HIV
  3. May have less complete response to Chemotherapy
  1. Occurs when median CD4=200 cells
  2. Rapid tumor growth with extranodal disease
  3. Non-lymphatic sites: Lung, GI, Bone Marrow, Meninges
  4. Usually widespread (stage 4) at time of diagnosis
  5. Poor prognosis in patients with advanced HIV
  6. Median duration of survival is 3-6 months
  7. Associated with EBV viral gene sequence (40%)
  1. Occurs in advanced AIDS (CD4 Count<50 cells)
  2. Highly Associated with EBV viral gene sequence
  3. Space occupying unifocal intracranial lesion
    1. May be confused with CNS Toxoplasmosis
  4. Survival without treatment is 3 months
  5. Response to treatment in 50% of cases