Labial Fusion


Labial Fusion, Labia Minora Fusion

  • Definition
  1. Labial Fusion
    1. Labia minora fuses in prepubescent girls, blocking the vaginal introitus
  • Pathophysiology
  1. Low level irritation of the labia minora
  2. Hypoestrogenized labial tissue
  • Signs
  1. Labia minora fused, blocking the vaginal introitus
  2. Patient still able to urinate despite fusion
  • Management
  1. Avoid manually separating the fused labia (painful, and typically refuses)
  2. Practice good hygiene with daily baths and frequent diaper changes
  3. Apply daily, a small amount of Topical Estrogen cream to affected labia minora
    1. Premarin Cream
    2. Estrace Cream
  • Course
  1. Expect the labia to separate within 2-3 weeks with Topical Estrogen and improved hygiene
  2. Expect some mild, transient local Estrogen effects (e.g. Hyperpigmentation, Vaginal Discharge)
  • Prevention
  1. Practice good hygiene to area
  2. Apply vaseline to the area after the labia have separated to prevent repeat fusion
  • References
  1. Claudius and Willner in Herbert (2019) EM:Rap 19(1): 2-4