Ocular Mast Cell Stabilizer


Ocular Mast Cell Stabilizer, Cromolyn Sodium Ophthalmic, Crolom, Olopatadine, Patanol, Lodoxamide, Alomide, Ketotifen Ophthalmic, Alaway OTC, Zaditor

  • Preparations
  1. Cromolyn Sodium (Crolom) 1 drop 4-6x/day
  2. Lodoxamide 0.1% (Alomide) 1-2 drops each eye four times daily
  3. Olopatadine 0.1% (Patanol, OTC in 2020) 1-2 drops each eye twice daily
  4. Ketotifen 0.025% (Alaway OTC, Zaditor) 1-2 drops each eye twice daily
    1. Less expensive and over-the-counter
    2. Ketotifen embedded in Acuvue Theravision Contact Lenses as of 2022 for comorbid Allergic Conjunctivitis