Seidel Test


Seidel Test, Seidel Sign

  • Indications
  1. Eye Trauma with suspected Globe Rupture
  • Contraindications
  1. Obvious Globe Rupture
  2. Full thickness eye Laceration
  • Requirements
  1. Slit Lamp with cobalt blue light source
  • Technique
  1. Prepare Slit Lamp
  2. Apply Topical Eye Anesthetic
  3. Gently apply moistened Fluorescein dye strip to Eye Injury site
  4. Visualize injury site under cobalt blue light source
  • Interpretation
  • Findings suggestive of Globe Rupture (Positive Seidel Test)
  1. Fluorescein dye diluted by aqueous fluid
  2. Darker, diluted Fluorescein dye streams from Globe Rupture site
  3. Bright green concentrated dye surrounds leak site (above and to side)
  • Precautions
  1. Do not apply pressure to eye during test (risk of eye tissue extrusion)