Ear Canal Suction


Ear Canal Suction, Ear Suction, Cerumen Removal by Suction

  • Indications
  1. Cerumen Impaction with soft or semi-fluid cerumen
  2. Otorrhea
    1. Interfering with examination
    2. Ear toilet in Acute Otitis Externa management
  • Contraindications
  1. Previous radical mastoid surgery
  2. Tympanostomy Tubes
  3. Tympanic Membrane Perforation
  • Precautions
  1. Ear Canal Suctioning is not recommended by non-otolaryngologists
  2. The potential for middle ear injury, including ossicle disruption limits safe use by non-otolaryngologists
  • Equipment
  1. Suction through otoscope head for visualization
  2. Suction tips
    1. Blunt tipped 14 gauge angiocatheter
    2. Frazier malleable suction tip (5 to 7 French)
  3. Wall suction (or portable) at 10 cm H2O
  • Technique
  1. Avoid excessive suctioning
    1. Caloric stimulation may lead to Vertigo
  2. Suctioning terminated by compressing tubing