Temporomandibular Articular Disc Displacement


Temporomandibular Articular Disc Displacement, Articular Disc Disorder of Temporomandibular Joint

  • Risk Factors
  1. Prior jaw locking episodes
  2. Teeth clenching or Bruxism history
  3. Chronic clicking on jaw movement
  • Symptoms
  1. Jaw locked in open position
  2. Results in pain and inflammation at TMJ articular cartilage
  • Management
  1. Requires immediate reduction
  2. Patient may attempt reduction by moving jaw laterally and opening mouth wide
  3. Manual reduction (if above fails)
    1. Consider TMJ Injection of Local Anesthetic prior to reduction
    2. Stabilize patient's head
    3. Insert thumb inside patient's mouth and grasp under chin with remainder of fingers
    4. Push down on posterior teeth while pulling up on chin
    5. Mandibular condyle should shift posteriorly back into place
  4. Refer to orofacial surgery urgently if unable to reduce the articular disc